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Welcome Tim Frisby

David Stroud |

For some years, a number of us have wondered whether Tim Frisby would end up working full time for the church. We saw his and Jacqui’s...


Pray for the Poor Weekend

Liam Thatcher |

On October 17 1987, 100,000 people gathered in Paris to remember victims of poverty, violence, hunger and inequality. This was the very...


ChristChurch London: Our People

ChristChurch London |

What is ChristChurch London? Perhaps more than anything else, it is a community - a group of people seeking to work together for the...


Our Big Supperclub

Dee Atkins |

My name’s Dee, and I want to tell you about one of the biggest Supperclubs that has been held this side of the 21st Century! (Please...

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