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A Prayer for Young People

Following reports of the serious child abuse cases in Rotherham and Oxford, we took a few moments on Sunday to highlight the important and vital work that those working with young people in front line services do, and to pray for them and the young people of London.

Within ChristChurch London we have a number of people who do amazing work with young people as teachers, social workers, health professionals, youth workers and in different charities. One of those charities is City Gateway, a charity that works with young people in Tower Hamlets.

Watch the following video to find out a bit about their story, and then you may want to use the prayer below to help you pray for young people in our city.

Heavenly Father, 

We pray for all vulnerable children and young people in our city and our nation: 

  • For victims of abuse,
  • For the neglected and forgotten,
  • For young people finding their identity in gangs and conflict,
  • For those who feel hopeless and alone, needing intervention.

We pray that they would have your protection and would find the healing and restoration they need in you. We pray that they would be given the support they need to live full, free and healthy lives. We pray that you would empower those who seek to forgive to do so, and that those seeking forgiveness would find this in you. 

We pray for those whose role is to protect and support young people: 

  • For Social workers, police and education services, that they would have wisdom to see when children are at risk and be able to quickly take steps to protect the vulnerable;
  • For guidance for those carrying out investigations into what went so wrong in Rotherham and Oxford and for individuals involved, that they would have the courage to admit mistakes and learn from them and build services that protect against abuse in the future;
  • For charities like City Gateway who work with victims of abuse, gang violence and more, that they would have the skills and resources to meet the needs of those they work with and give them hope for the future. 

We pray for the perpetrators of abuse and violence, however abhorrent, that they would come to repentance and that they would find hope in you Jesus and your sacrifice for all mankind.

We pray for those in a position of responsibility; for government, the courts and probation services, that you would give them your wisdom and guidance to make good decisions.

In all of this, we pray that our nation would come to know you as the loving Father who binds up the broken­-hearted, who brings light into the darkness, and who is both just and merciful.

We pray that we your church, your hands and feet, would have courage to speak up for the voiceless, minister your healing and comfort where we can and offer forgiveness and mercy to those seeking it.

We ask all these things in Jesus’ name.


Image: Angel’s Song by Bruno, used under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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