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Christ and Creativity

There are significant challenges to being a Christian in the creative industries. I’m interested in gathering a group of artists, musicians, journalists, actors, filmmakers – anyone working in the arts and media world – to discuss these struggles and help each other grow as disciples of Jesus.

I grew up in the music and theatre world with the social pressures to be the best in my field. As I got older, that included being comfortable with acting roles that weren’t honouring to Christ. My mother started a Christian youth arts organisation a little over ten years ago with the belief that every child deserves an arts education. She’s a musician with a strong Christian foundation, but also believes that we shouldn’t just be doing “Christian art.” Over the years she’s had board members encouraging her to produce shows that have a Christian message, but she refuses, saying, “the only people who will attend will be Christians. How can we be disciples if we only interact with those who already know Christ?”

I, as a theatre director, believe in putting up productions with a strong sense of morality. I intentionally choose secular shows and immerse myself with those who are not Christians, performing for a range of audiences. I am upfront about my faith in the hopes that people will note a difference in me, but I want to be more proactive about being a disciple, without being pushy.

The question I ask myself is how can I make artistic choices that are significant in the secular world, whilst being a strong representative for Christ?

If you find yourself asking these questions, or if you have any interest in this group, please feel free to contact me via ">email or on The City. We’ll be meeting on Sunday, November 30, at 14.30 to talk more about the direction this group could be taken.

Image: Creative Outlet by Mark Sebastian, used under CC


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