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Fruitfulness on the Frontline

In a moment of brief levity last week I found myself considering how much of my life I might spend working. Obviously the only way to get a definitive answer was to go to the fount of all knowledge… unfortunately Liam Thatcher wasn’t available, so I googled it instead! Turns out that on average a staggering one third of our lives will be spent at work. And that doesn’t take into account your commute. The harsh reality is that you will spend significantly more time with your work colleagues than your nearest and dearest in your lifetime here on earth.

This startling statistic challenged me to consider the differences between my Sundays and my Mondays. And particularly how I’m so often guilty of segmenting life, just to make it a bit easier for me to digest. I keep scripture, worship and prayer in the sacred segments of my life. While work, socialising and entertainment end up in the secular segments. I really should be ready to mix all these things up because as the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity says, “Life isn’t an orange, it’s a peach”, not in separate pieces but one glorious, juicy whole!

I want to believe that God is ready to use each of us, whatever we find ourselves doing every day. Sometimes this will just be because our faith makes our character different, and people notice that. But our desire (and His) is to see us bearing the ‘fruit’ (Galatians 5:22) of his Spirit in us to transform the lives of others. After all, that’s what we’re called for.

Our Connect: Workplaces group is about to begin a program called: ‘Fruitfulness on the Frontline’. We hope it will help us see how we can show and share Christ’s wisdom and love with the people we meet, in the places we most often find ourselves. The program has a simple framework for discovering a rich variety of ways in which God may work in us and through us right where we are.

Our first session will be on Sunday 21 September at 13.30. We would love to this spark a passion in us for how we can see our workplaces transformed so please contact us via The City if you’re interested in being involved.

Image: Peaches #1 by Nancy Lehrer, used under CC


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