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Faith, feminism, fashion. These are the three words that ‘crowned’ the front cover of the first issue of a magazine I’ve been involved with over the past two years. Because these words were given such prominence, I was forced to ponder what I think of them, especially the most provocative of the three, ‘feminism’. What does faith have to do with feminism, anyway?

As I was writing this little post, I thought I would look up what feminism actually means, or rather what it meant initially. A common definition of feminism is of a philosophy that promotes the equality of women to men, which was started by women seeking the right to vote, and later grew into a movement that focussed on the removal of differences in pay between the sexes.

However, while feminism seemed to have a genuine social cause at its core, either due to media stereotypes or people’s misinterpretation of this movement, it grew to be seen as socially divisive and characterised by hatred of men.

MAGNIFY’s goal is neither to convey a generic definition of equality nor animosity towards the opposite sex. It is to promote the value of women, their uniqueness, beauty and creativity. MAGNIFY gives women an opportunity to explore faith and how it relates to life in the 21st century.


A bi-annual magazine, MAGNIFY is crafted by an eclectic team of women with the shared desire to bring faith out of its box, presenting to its readers dynamic conversation points, such as identity, relationships, fashion, business, art and culture. The issues of belonging and self-worth have never lost their importance, and our team loves exploring those through the prism of the women we knew or met in the process of putting our very first edition together.

I must say I am very excited about the current edition, which comprises features and interviews with diverse influential women from Samantha Jo Alonso, who is making waves across the worlds of clothing and fitness in the United States, to Bobbie Cheema QC, who is having success in the field of UK law. We also interviewed Lisa Folawiyo, who is shaping the fabric of fashion in Nigeria. There is no shortage of inspiration.


The current issue drew much attention from both women and men: guys found it easier to explain their faith by giving a copy to their female friends or colleagues. Meanwhile, women said that the magazine and its content were encouraging, uplifting and challenging, and they enjoyed reading about other women who raised similar questions and found the answers with the help of their faith.

For fashion magazine readers, MAGNIFY fills a void. Grazia Magazine’s Editor-at Large Angela Buttolph states: ’Working in fashion and being a Christian, I’m amazed that in the past there hasn’t been something to bridge the gap… and MAGNIFY will be a refreshing and much needed addition to magazine shelves.

I am very excited about the new year and what it will bring to us as a team and individually. The new edition of MAGNIFY magazine will be coming later this year, so watch this space. But for now, if you want to grab a copy of the current edition, you can purchase it from our website.

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