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My Experience of Alpha

I live in London and have worked in a range of areas from teaching, to working in a bank, to now working in education policy. I was brought up in a Christian family, but over time drifted away from Christianity as it seemed increasingly less relevant to my life. Following several years living in London, I began to feel something was missing, particularly a sense of purpose and clarity about what we are living for. I had seen adverts across the city for the alpha course and thought I would give it a go, so simply googled “Alpha” and “London” and by the next day I was signed up to the ChristChurch London course!

It was a brilliant experience – welcoming, interesting and good fun – best of all was meeting everyone else on the course, each with their own different experiences and views on Christianity.

Each week we heard a talk on topics like “Who is Jesus?” or “What does it mean to pray?” and we had a chance to discuss it as a small group in a very friendly and understanding environment. The discussions were authentic – we could think for ourselves and ask any questions in a genuinely informal and non-pressured way.

Alpha has made an enormous difference – through learning and exploring the questions that I had always wondered about, I was able to grasp for the first time what it means to be a Christian – having a relationship with Jesus. It was the beginning of a continuing journey, a brilliant one, which helps me to understand my life’s purpose and more about God’s plan for my life.

I would absolutely urge everyone to think about friends who we could bring along to the next course. We all have questions, and they will get a chance to discuss them in a completely authentic way, with a great group of people from all walks of life across London – could be a life changer for them too!

Our new Alpha Course begins with two launch nights at the Grange Holborn Hotel. On Monday January 25 join us for an evening of comedy with Paul Kerensa, who will perform a set and then talk about how faith has made a difference to his life and work. Then on Tuesday January 26 Professor Ard Louis will consider whether science has removed our need for God.

Both evenings include a free  meal and a short introduction to the Alpha Course. To find out more about Alpha and to book a place on our launch evenings, click here.

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