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News from Sutton

One of the big ChristChurch London highlights of 2016 was starting four new services in different locations. It has enabled many of us to enjoy new levels of community, find new ways of contributing to the life of the church and more effectively serve our local communities.

As a result of these success’ we have said that we want to start four more services by 2020 so that we can serve more Londoners with the life changing love of God.

So…. in 2017 we are going be getting ready to start the next service.

We have been thinking and praying about the right location and we have been drawn to Sutton, in south west London. We currently have around 40 people – 20 adults and 20 children – who attend ChristChurch London and live there and they are eager to start preparations for a local service.

In order to do this we are going to start a monthly public Sunday gathering (the first will be on January 22nd) and the Sutton Connect Groups is also going to take an additional Sunday once a month to focus on building community in their area and providing opportunities for others, who do not currently attend church, to get involved too. Ian and Heather Rushton will be leading and co-ordinating the plans for everything we are doing in Sutton, and we are really excited about the possibility of a thriving ChristChurch London community there.

Our prayer is that over the next 12 months, this group in Sutton will grow from 20 adults to 40 adults which will be moving towards the critical mass required to start a service.

Some people have asked me whether this is going to be an expensive step for ChristChurch London this year & the answer is ‘no’. Our only new costs will be the monthly hire of a school in the Sutton area. Otherwise, everything can be contained within our current budgets.

We would be very grateful if you would pray for those members of our church family who will be taking these bold steps. Pray for God’s blessing, a knowledge of his love & for others to quickly join them.

Also, please bear in mind that if you are thinking you might have to move out of London in 2017, then there may be another option: why not think about moving to Sutton & being part of the community there? Or maybe you are keen to get involved with an exciting new aspect of church life: I know that Ian and Heather would love to talk to you about how you could get involved.

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