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Prayer for Nepal (update)

As you are probably aware, this week Nepal experienced another earthquake; the second in two weeks. The first was a 7.9 magnitude earthquake; the worst the nation has seen for 80 years. The UN has estimated that 8 million people have been affected and the death toll is currently at over 8,000. This second earthquake was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, and has injured over 1,000 people.

At times like this we can feel quite distant and helpless. But two things the church can do are pray and give.

Below is a prayer, which you may find helpful as you think and pray about those in need this week.

As a church, we have decided to make a donation to the disaster relief fund. And if you feel you would like to give personally to help those affected by this tragedy, we would recommend donating to the Tearfund Earthquake Appeal.

Lord of all compassion
We pray for all of those caught up in the midst of tragedy or disaster.
For those who have lost life and those working to save life
For those who are worried for people they love
For those who will see their loved ones no longer
Lord Have Mercy.

For those in need of the peace that passes all understanding
For all who turn to you in the midst of turmoil
For those who cry out to you in fear and in love
Lord Have Mercy.

For those in confusion and those in despair
For those whose tears are yet to dry
For those in need of your unending love
Lord Have Mercy

Prayer: Taken from the Church of England website

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