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Prayer for the Four Services

On Sunday we looked at the story of Moses praying as the people faced significant battles in Exodus 17. We saw that victory was won through a combination of prayer and action. And at the end of the service we had an opportunity to pray for some of the challenges we face as we plan to launch new services in January 2016.

Here is a list of key prayer points for our four services, a copy of the prayer we prayed on Sunday, and also some recommended resources on the subject of prayer. And if you would like to get involved in one of our serving teams, you can find all the information here.


Prayer Points

South Service:

1) That God would give us favour with the leadership team of Platanos College and they’d come back to us with an offer to use their venue.

2) That the service would be a blessing to the communities in South London.

3) That people from all walks of life would come along to the South Service and find faith in Jesus 

Central Service:

1) For new Connect Groups that reach people who live and work in zone 1 and shape the industries represented here.

2) For strong communities across London that enable the Centre to start more services in due course

3) To be a place where many people can explore faith, the claims of Jesus and Christianity

West End Service:

1) For a second venue for the five weeks next year that we cannot use the Swiss Church

2) For the number of Connect Groups running to increase from three to seven by the time we start in January.

3) For many new people to join us who will find faith as a result of this service

East Service: 

1) For a venue. We are hoping to be able to use St John’s Bethnal Green.

2) For enough leaders and volunteers to help make the services happen each week

3) For growth and multiplication amongst the east London Connect Groups and a strong Monday-Sunday presence in East London



Lord Jesus,

We bring before you our plans for 2016 and we ask that you would bless them. As we face challenges and battles, would you provide for us and help us to overcome.

We thank you for the great venue you have given us in the Mermaid Theatre, and we thank you for the Swiss Church where we will be meeting in the West End. We pray that you would provide venues for us in the South and East, as well as a second venue in the West End.

We ask that you give us favour with the leadership team of Platanos College in Stockwell and that they would come back to us with an offer for using their venue. We pray too for all at St John’s Bethnal Green. Thank you for their commitment to serving East London, and we pray that they would be open to us using their building too.

We also pray that you would help us to build strong communities in each part of London. In particular we pray for new Connect Groups that are focussed on reaching people who live and work in Zone 1, to make a difference in the industries represented here. We ask that the number of Connect Groups associated with the West End service would increase from three to seven by the time we launch in January. And we ask that these communities would be a great place for people to build relationships with others and with you.

Lord we ask that you would provide for all our practical needs. We ask that in each location we would have enough leaders and volunteers to make the Sunday Services happen. We ask for new worship leaders, welcome team members, kids’ work volunteers, and many more.

We also ask that you would provide for us financially. We recognise that these new services will require resources to get them off the ground. We pray that you would provide for our every need. Help each of us to give as we are able, and would you bless us as we take a special offering this Autumn. Help us to steward your resources well. We thank you for the way you have provided for us in the past and we trust that you will do it again as we approach this new season.

And Father we ask that all of these services would be a real blessing to our city. We pray that you would bless the communities around these new services. We pray particularly for communities in South and East London, and we ask that people from all walks of life would come to know you as a result of our presence in these parts of London.

We ask that the Central services would draw people from right across this city and also provide for many of the Students who live and study here in Zone 1. We ask that the Central service in particular would become a place from which new services can be started in due course, reaching to the North, the West and right across London.

We ask that each of these services would contribute to the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of our city. Would they be places where many people can explore the claims of Christ and find a life-giving relationship with their creator.

In Jesus’ name,



Recommended Resources

If you would like to learn to pray, here are a few suggested resources:

Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas is a great book on the different ways we can engage with God. If you’ve ever wondered why some people find prayer effortless and others find it hard, or why some people enjoy certain practices that you find turgid, these books may really help you work out a selection of spiritual disciplines that will cohere with the way you are wired.

Check out Praying 3D by Pete Greig, a talk which he gave at ChristChurch in May. And also check out some of his books on prayer.

Prayer by Tim Keller is well worth checking out. It’s a little hard going in places, but full of great material.

If you would rather have an app to help you pray, check out the Daily Prayer App from the Church of England.

And you may also enjoy our sermon series Teach us to Pray from 2011.

Image: Saying a little prayer for you, by Craig Sunter, used under CC BY-ND 2.0



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