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Prayer for Tunisia

On Sunday we prayed for those affected by this week’s attack on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia, which killed 39 people and has injured at least 36.

Below is the prayer we wrote, which you may find helpful in fuelling your own prayers this week.

Almighty God, our Redeemer and Healer,

We pray for the events of last week and for all those who have been in some way touched by this tragedy.

Alongside Tunisia, we pray for those who have been involved in the other events that have made the news this week – for the situation in France and for those killed and injured in the suicide bombing of a mosque in Kuwait – and we pray for the countless others who have been killed and injured in events that haven’t made it into our news.

We pray for the injured and traumatised that you would heal bodies and restore spirits.

We pray for the grieving that you would bring comfort

And we pray for churches in all these places, that they may find ways to love and serve those involved and their communities in very practical and meaningful ways.

We thank you for the courage of all those who ran towards the sound of gunfire, rather than away from it, in order to help and rescue.

We thank you for the hotel staff, other holiday makers and emergency workers whose actions saved the lives of many.

We thank you that even in these darkest moments we see glimpses of the light you created each one of us to shine with. A light of love and self-sacrifice that reflects your great love for us.

And Father, we pray for our own protection, for the protection of our nation and our city. We pray for our safety and for the safety of our friends and neighbours.

We pray for your peace to reign and we look forward to the day when Jesus will return to wipe away every tear and make everything new. When hate will finally and completely be conquered and swallowed up by love.

We pray all of this in his great name,


Image: Angel’s Song by Bruno, used under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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