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Projeto Kids Brasil

Adriana runs Projeto Kids Brasil, and earlier this year she ran a fundraising event to send clothes to Brazil for children who are in need. We caught up with Adriana to find out a bit about what she did and how the event went. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have been living in London for 14 years. I came from Brazil to study and then began to work here. After 3 years I met Ray, my husband and we now have 3 children who are 9, 5 and 2 years old.

Tell us a little bit about the recent event you organised: what did you do, and what inspired it?

Since I arrived here I could see so much waste – clothes and food being thrown away, and my first thought was that this waste could help a lot of people in Brazil. So I began to collect clothes, shoes etc and keep them in my loft.

In 2010 I held a party to raise money so I could send all that I had collected to Brazil. We sent around a tonne of clothes! After that I started collecting clothes again, we held a second party and sent another tonne of clothes and shoes.

After a few years of not being able to do much whilst I had children, I met a few friends – Cristina and Vanessa – who knew of some families in need. So we decided to host another party to raise money to help them.

We organised the event in just a few weeks and our Connect Group helped spread the news about the party. I also knew some Brazilian / Chelsea footballers who we invited to come to the party. They were very kind in lending us their time and their names to help!


How did the event go? Did many people attend and was it a success? 

The party was a real success! We had about 250 people there and I was really surprised how much people love to help others.

What are your plans for the future? 

We will definitely do a lot more events in the future, but we do need volunteers to help the project to move forward. We need people who can help us make a website, post pictures and so much more. We know that we have so much potential but we need some people who can help us in these ways.


If people would like to find out more or get involved, how can they do that?

We have our fun page on Facebook and people can leave a message there until we are able to make our website.


Photos courtesy of Otto Funk Photograph and Achei Londres. See more photos from the event here

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