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Student Meals: Finding a Home Away from Home

One of the hardest things about being a student is living many miles, and often several hours’ travel, from home.

Home is one of those things we all know to be innately precious. We may have different ideas about what makes a perfect home, but it’s usually somewhere away from the crowds, with people who care for you. Somewhere with hot, healthy meals and a comfortable sofa. Somewhere you can relax. Somewhere safe.

To find somewhere like that in a totally new city, away from family, is a very special thing.

Perhaps in London finding a home away from home is just that little bit harder. It’s so easy to get lost in the crowd. And it’s so hard to meet those who aren’t at the same life stage as you.

And so we want to start something we’re going to call Student Meals. The idea is simple. Offer a handful of students a hot meal around your home.

It could be for a couple of them, or it could be for half a dozen. It could be a Sunday roast, or a weekday evening. Whatever your space and time capacity, simply invite a group of students to share a meal in your home some time in this spring term.

Here’s how it could work. Email me () and tell me where you live and how many students you’d like to host. I’ll then email you back with a list of names and email addresses and you can arrange an appropriate date and time directly with them. Simples.

My prayer is that through these ad hoc meals, students at ChristChurch London will find warm welcoming homes in London. Places they know there are those that care for them. I also hope that all those who host a meal will enjoy the opportunity to get to know people outside of your natural friendship circle and make some lasting friends as a result.

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to host a meal!

Image: Beans on Toast by tastingsf, used under CC


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