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Content From Andy Crouch

Stand Alone Talks: Andy Crouch -

Andy Crouch |

Listen to Andy Crouch speak during the afternoon session of this years Love London Sunday.

Guest Speakers: Palm Sunday -

Andy Crouch |

As we celebrate Palm Sunday, Andy Crouch looks at four snapshots from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Through the stories of the king, the image, the pennies and the jar, we learn lessons about worship, power, and what it means to...

Guest Speakers: Culture Making, a morning with Andy Crouch -

Andy Crouch |

Andy Crouch is one of the chief inspirations behind Everything – our desire to work for the social and cultural renewal of the city. Recorded at our recent Culture Making morning listen to Andy speak on some of the unexpected pitfalls, successes...

Guest Speakers: Four Hidden Themes in the Life of a Culture Maker -

Andy Crouch |

This week our guest speaker Andy Crouch looked at four themes that feature in the life of culture makers; people who are fully alive.

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