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Visions of God: The Pillar of Fire and Cloud -

Jack Wells |

God has heard the cries of His people suffering in Egypt, and come to set them free. And He does so in the form of a pillar of fire and cloud. In this talk, we consider how God leads, protects...

Encounters with Jesus: Mary and Judas -

Jack Wells |

A feast is held in Jesus’ honour, and Mary marks the occasion with a costly act of worship. In this talk, we reflect on the different responses of Mary and Judas, and consider how Jesus offers us a cause worth...

The Psalmist’s Guide to Saying Sorry

Jack Wells |

Apparently, the average British person says sorry eight times a day. Apologising is something of a national sport for us. And like all our other national sports, while we devote a lot of our time and attention to doing it,...

Stand Alone Talks: Easter Sunday – East -

Jack Wells |

Why is it so hard to find a story in which nothing bad ever happens? Jack Wells considers how Jesus’ resurrection subverts our fears and expectations and gives us a reason to find hope for the future.

The Bit Beyond Market

Jack Wells |

The Bit Beyond is a market that supports social enterprise and ethical business in East London. The vendors are all social enterprises and ethical start-ups that have a focus that is bigger than simply making money. These are traders who have...

Imago Dei: Great Goods for the Greater Good

Jack Wells |

East London has a bit of a thing about markets. It always has done, of course, but in the last few years, trendy new ones have been popping up all over Dalston, Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, and pulling in big...

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