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Visions of God: The Pillar of Fire and Cloud -

Rich Butt |

God has heard the cries of His people suffering in Egypt, and come to set them free. And He does so in the form of a pillar of fire and cloud. In this talk, we consider how God leads, protects...

David: The Worshipper - 2 Sam 6

Rich Butt |

The Ark of the Covenant arrives in Jerusalem, and King David leads the people in singing and dancing. In this talk Rich Butt looks at David’s passion for worship, considering what it can teach us about our own worship of...

Getting to Know You: Noel Robinson

Rich Butt |

We asked our worship leader, Rich, to catch up with his friend and mentor Noel Robinson before he joins us for our Empowered event at Love London Sunday. Here’s what happened… Mr Noel Robinson is in the house! How are...

Pockets of Peace

Rich Butt |

There I am, stood on the edge of a cliff, feeling the gentle hug of the wind and watching the crystal blue sea crash against the rocks. As I take in the beauty of the scene unfolding before me I’m...

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