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Encounters with Jesus: Mary Magdalene - John 20:1–18

Vicki Cavolina |

Death is the enemy we all long to avoid. It brings with it such pain, loss, grief, and separation. But what if it isn’t the final word? In the final talk of this series, we look at Jesus’ encounter with...

Summer of Love: Love Does - 1 John 3:11-24

Vicki Cavolina |

Love is not just a sentiment – a nice feeling that we possess towards others. Love results in action. Love does. In this talk Vicki looks at how we should lay down our lives in love for one another.

Stand Alone Talks: Easter Sunday – Central -

Vicki Cavolina |

Two men, travelling on the road to Emmaus, encounter a stranger who helps them understand the mysterious events of Good Friday. This talk looks at Luke 24 and considers how the resurrected Jesus helps us find hope and freedom.

Preparing for Graduation

Vicki Cavolina |

This time of year, if you’re part of London’s student population you are likely to be found hidden between the bookshelves of libraries or slumped over a cup of the student union’s cheap filter coffee. When battling with piled papers...

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