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Singing for My Supper

Samantha Crawford |

I had numerous (some might say too many) hobbies as a child; tennis, sailing, horse riding, skiing, dance, forcing my younger brother to put on plays with me at home. But after trying all of these, I decided to put...

Thinking Out Loud

Shabazz Graham |

Thinking big is second nature to the creative who’s set their goal on becoming more like their gargantuan Creator! – Let there be lights, camera, action! I’ve had a big dream for about two decades, I’ve lived with a passion...

The Singer’s Refrain

Lizzie Stanley |

Lizzie Stanley has been part of the worship team at ChristChurch London for a few years, and has led us in worship on many Sundays. But she has also recently released her first album, following a successful kickstarter campaign. We...

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