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Abraham: The Father of Faith: Faith to be a Blessing - Genesis 12:1-3

David Stroud |

God didn’t promise simply to bless Abraham, but to bless the entire world through him and his offspring. In this talk, David unpacks our vision to be a blessing to London: contributing to the social, cultural and renewal of the...

The Way: Struggle - Genesis 32

Hannah Elwyn |

Sometimes the spiritual journey is hard going: it’s tiring, painful and feels like a struggle. In this talk, Hannah draws lessons from the story of Jacob’s wrestling with the angel, and considers how we can persevere and receive blessing from...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: Favour in Egypt - Genesis 39:1-6

Andy Tilsley |

Humiliated by his brothers and sold into slavery, Joseph finds himself miles away from his home, working for Potiphar in Egypt. But God had not forgotten him. In this talk, Andy looks at how we can enjoy favour from God and from...

LittleBig Church: Blessed Beyond Belief - Ephesians 1:1-14

David Stroud |

Today we launch into a series on the book of Ephesians, with a breathtaking look at the enormous string of blessings that are available for disciples of Jesus.

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