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The Proper Place

Liam Thatcher |

Liam Thatcher talks technology and the place it occupies in our busy modern lives. A few months ago, my wife and I were at The Tate Modern. We’d spent an hour or so wandering through the exhibitions, our senses being...

The Gospels: Recommended Reading

Liam Thatcher |

This week we kicked off a series of seminars called Theology Matters: The Gospels. Each term in 2015 we will spend four weeks looking in depth at the stories of Jesus’ life, examining the major themes and unpacking some of...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that Changed the World

Liam Thatcher |

A new term, a new sermon series. On Sundays from September to December, we’re going to be preaching on the story of Joseph. Yes, that Joseph. The one who got a musical written about him. But in this sermon series,...

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