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Jesus’ Heart for Refugees

Hannah Joy |

I was reminded recently, in the most unlikely situation, of Jesus’ immeasurable love for people. I was staring in horror at an anti-immigration poster which showed a photograph of hundreds and hundreds of people walking across Croatia into Slovenia, fleeing...

A-Level Results Day

Andy Tuck |

I remember the moment I opened my A-level results. The nerves, the excitement, the expectation. The fear. My hopes and dreams seemed to be contained within one small white paper pocket. As I slowly opened the envelope I was opening...

Summer of Love: 1 John

Liam Thatcher |

Summer of Love: 1 John If you’ve been with us over the past few months, you’ll know that we’ve been preaching a series entitled The Heart of the Matter. It’s been a rollercoaster ride through various subjects to do with...

Oh Joy!

Aisha Noble-Clarke |

Repetition is a common literary device used by poets and authors to draw emphasis to something in particular. I’ll say that again… When a writer uses a word or phrase more than once, especially in close proximity to each other,...

Week of Prayer, Friday: The Nations

ChristChurch London |

As we finish our week of prayer in this city, let’s pray for the cities of nations around the world that are experiencing extreme loss, pain, confusion or fear at this time. Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you that you...

Week of Prayer, Thursday: New Vision

ChristChurch London |

After the results of the EU referendum, Justin Welby and John Sentamu released a statement, part of which said: ‘The vote to withdraw from the European Union means that now we must all re-imagine both what it means to be...

Week of Prayer, Wednesday: Government & Leading Institutions

ChristChurch London |

Our nation is shaped by many people from different sectors of society. Today let’s pray for all those who have influence, not only as they seek to work out the best way forward in their own sector, but also the...

Singing for My Supper

Samantha Crawford |

I had numerous (some might say too many) hobbies as a child; tennis, sailing, horse riding, skiing, dance, forcing my younger brother to put on plays with me at home. But after trying all of these, I decided to put...

What Should The Church Say About Brexit?

Andy Tilsley |

Judging by the fear, anger and insecurity across the United Kingdom right now, it’s a brave person who writes about Brexit. Passions are running high amongst everyone I come across, and there is no place for the disgusting racism that’s...

What’s the Point in Morning Devotionals?

Aisha Noble-Clarke |

I opened my eyes and it had happened again. My morning devotional turned into an extra 45 minutes sleep, which left me frantically running around trying to get ready for work. And so the cycle of guilt continued. Morning “quiet...

Core Habits: Joy

Liam Thatcher |

One of the fruit of the Spirit is joy. But it’s not just a joy that we experience in the good times, when everything’s going well. The Holy Spirit promises us a joy that transcends our circumstances. In the final...

Core Habits: Goodness and Faithfulness

Hannah Elwyn |

Goodness and faithfulness are both virtues that are much needed in our world. How can we learn to be people who do the right thing, are dependable, and are true to our word? In the penultimate week of this series,...

Core Habits: Peace

Angie Catlett |

Many people think of peace in terms of serenity, tranquillity and the absence of pain. But true peace, which the Holy Spirit brings, is about having an inner confidence and sense of fullness, whatever the circumstances. This week, Angie Catlett...

Core Habits: Self Control - Titus 2:1-14

Andy Tilsley |

Many people think of religion as being all about dulling the passions and removing all fun from life. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Paul intends for us to be passionate people, but also people who are able to...

Core Habits: Gentleness

David Stroud |

Paul’s list of the fruit of the Spirit includes gentleness, something that many would not consider a virtue! But to be gentle doesn’t mean to be weak. Gentleness has to do with humility, teachability, and the ability to speak the...

Core Habits: Patience - James 5:7-11, 16-18

Tim Frisby |

We live in a fast-paced city, where people demand instant gratification, and aren’t keen on waiting. This week Tim Frisby looks at James chapter 5, and considers how we can learn to cultivate patience, in a world that is so...

Core Habits: Love - 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Andy Tilsley |

Love is the first fruit that Paul lists in Galatians 5, and it is the characteristic that undergirds all of the others. In week two of our new series, Andy Tilsley will look at love – what it is and...

Core Habits: The Fruit of the Spirit - Galatians 5:13-26

Liam Thatcher |

What is the fruit of the Spirit and how do we cultivate it in our lives? In this opening talk of our new series, Core Habits, Liam Thatcher looks at Galatians 5:13-26 and considers how the Holy Spirit helps us...

Empowered: Growing in Character

Andy Tilsley |

What are the characteristics that God wants to develop in our lives, and how does the Holy Spirit help us to grow in these areas? This week Andy Tilsley will look at Paul’s teaching in Galatians 5 about the fruit...

Habakkuk: The Complaint - Habakkuk 1:1-11

Andy Tilsley |

Who was Habakkuk? Why was he writing? And why are we spending four weeks reading about him? In this talk we explore the context behind the book of Habakkuk and consider how to understand what is going on when it...

DNA: Devoted - Philippians 2:1-18

Andy Tilsley |

What does it mean to be devoted to Christ? In this talk, Andy Tilsley will unpack Paul’s song in Philippians 2, looking at the character of Jesus, and the kind of attitudes disciples should seek to develop in their own...

Esther: Scene III Character - Esther 5-6

Andy Tilsley |

Character will define you more than anything else, so how do you build it? In week three of this series, Andy draws examples from the lives of Mordecai and Esther in an individualistic culture.

Teach Us To Pray: Wicked Man, Willing God - Luke 18:1-8

Liam Thatcher |

This week we launched a new series on prayer by looking at the parable of the widow and the wicked judge in Luke 18, considering how the character of God motivates us to pray.

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