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Stand Alone Talks: Taking the Plunge

Liam Thatcher |

Why on earth would fully-grown and fully-dressed adults allow themselves to be pushed under water and then pulled out again? And why does the church think this is worth celebrating? In this standalone talk, Liam looks at the theme of...

The Way: Darkness and Light - Ephesians 5:1-20

Andy Tilsley |

At points in our journey we cross borders and find ourselves in new settings, which require different ways of thinking, living and acting. In this talk Andy looks at the metaphors of darkness and light and considers how moving from...

Faith Conversations: Sorry, Thank You, Please

Andy Tilsley |

In the final week of our Faith Conversations series, Andy Tilsley looks at how we can help people respond to the good news about Jesus, and how we get to enjoy the benefits of his life, death and resurrection.

Global Cities: Friday Session 2: Making Disciples

Jon Tyson |

What does it mean to be a disciple in twenty-first century urban life? And how can we helpĀ people to become passionate and effective followers of Jesus? In this talk from the GlobalĀ Cities Conference, Jon Tyson unpacks the discipleship strategy from...

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