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Joshua: Joshua 1

David Stroud |

As Joshua starts out in his new role, God tells him to ‘be strong and courageous.’ In this talk, David considers what it means to live with faith, and how we can draw courage from God as we prepare to launch brand...

The En-Couragement of Joshua

David Stroud |

As we start a New Year, there is one particular figure in the Scriptures who can provide us with inspiration for the challenges and opportunities we will face. And his name is Joshua. Joshua was a young man and protégé...

Joshua: Joshua son of Nun

Andy Tilsley |

As Moses’ life draws to an end, he hands over the baton to a young leader named Joshua. In the first talk of this new series, Andy Tilsley looks at Joshua’s story and considers how God prepared him to lead His people...

The Art of Neighbouring: Chewing the Cud - Colossians 4:2-6

Andy Tuck |

Paul writes to the Colossians, instructing them to pray that they would conduct faith conversations in a respectful but effective manner. In this talk, Andy Tuck unpacks Paul’s instructions and considers how we can be courageous, sensitive and effective in helping people...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Fear - Psalm 3

Andy Tilsley |

Many of the psalms were written by King David when facing danger: fleeing armies, preparing for war, or hiding from enemies. In the penultimate week of our sermon series, Andy Tilsley looks at the theme of fear and how God...

DNA: Courageous - Matthew 1:18-25

Joel Kendall |

In this, the final week of the DNA series we look at the example of Joseph and consider how to live lives characterised by courage and boldness.

DNA: Empowered - Acts 1:4-8

Liam Thatcher |

Jesus told his disciples to wait until they received power from heaven. In this talk, we will look at how the Holy Spirit equips us for a dynamic life, as we embark on the mission God has called us to.

Esther: Scene III Character - Esther 5-6

Andy Tilsley |

Character will define you more than anything else, so how do you build it? In week three of this series, Andy draws examples from the lives of Mordecai and Esther in an individualistic culture.

Esther: Scene II Call - Esther 3-4

Abigail Malortie |

When Haman launches a plot to destroy the Jewish people, Esther is presented with the challenge and opportunity to intervene on their behalf. In this talk, we look at God’s challenging call on our lives and the ways in which He...

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