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The Art of Neighbouring: Finding Community - Acts 2:42-47

David Stroud |

Neighbouring is ultimately about finding a community in which we can flourish and have something to contribute. In this final week of our series, David Stroud looks at the importance of community and considers the role the church has to play in...

The Art of Neighbouring: Speaking of Jesus - John 1:29-51

Liam Thatcher |

Have you ever struggled to start a conversation about faith? Have you ever thought you have no idea what to say? You’re not alone! In this talk, Liam Thatcher looks at John 1 and considers the different ways people get introduced to...

The Art of Neighbouring: Chewing the Cud - Colossians 4:2-6

Andy Tuck |

Paul writes to the Colossians, instructing them to pray that they would conduct faith conversations in a respectful but effective manner. In this talk, Andy Tuck unpacks Paul’s instructions and considers how we can be courageous, sensitive and effective in helping people...

The Art of Neighbouring: Everybody Needs Good Neighbours - John 13

Andy Tilsley |

How can we live and act in such a way as to bring strength and encouragement to the communities and individuals who live and work around us? In the third week of our series, Andy considers Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet...

The Art of Neighbouring: Recommended Resources

Liam Thatcher |

We have recently started a new sermon series, The Art of Neighbouring, which will lead us through to mid-June, in which we are considering how to be the kind of neighbours who enrich the lives of those who live and work...

The Art of Neighbouring: Who is my Neighbour? - Luke 10:29–37

Hannah Elwyn |

Having established that we are meant to love God and love our Neighbour, Jesus gets asked the inevitable question: “who is my neighbour?” In busy, twenty-first century London, we might ask the same question. Jesus responds by telling a story that challenges...

The Art of Neighbouring: Relationships that Matter - Luke 10:25-28

David Stroud |

An expert in the law came to Jesus and asked him what he had to do to get right with God. Jesus’ answer shows that God’s design for humanity has always been the same: we are designed to love God and love...

Faith Conversations: Sorry, Thank You, Please

Andy Tilsley |

In the final week of our Faith Conversations series, Andy Tilsley looks at how we can help people respond to the good news about Jesus, and how we get to enjoy the benefits of his life, death and resurrection.

Faith Conversations: What is the Gospel?

Liam Thatcher |

Christians talk about the death of Jesus as ‘good news.’ But how is the violent death of one man 2,000 years ago good news for us here and now? In the penultimate talk of our Faith Conversations series, Liam will...

Faith Conversations: Real Transformation - Luke 7:36-50

Michael Ramsden |

In Luke 7 a woman kisses Jesus’ feet, washes them with her tears, and anoints them with oil; a strangely extravagant action. In this talk, Michael Ramsden looks at what this story teaches us about love and forgiveness, and what...

Faith Conversations: Is God Love? - 1 John 4:7-19

Michael Ramsden |

For many, the idea of a God of Love stands in sharp contrast to a God who would judge. But in this talk, guest speaker Michael Ramsden considers how love and judgment work together, and shows the powerful implications of...

Faith Conversations: Dressed for the Occasion

David Stroud |

In a world where many people consider belief in God to be irrelevant and out-dated, how can we keep our message fresh, such that it genuinely connects with people’s questions and felt needs? In this talk David Stroud will consider...

Faith Conversations: Is God a Moral Monster?

Liam Thatcher |

Many people struggle with the picture of God painted by the Old Testament, and consider Him to be wicked and unpleasant. In this talk, Liam will consider how Christians, who claim to worship a God of Love, ought to understand...

Faith Conversations: God and the New Atheists

Alister McGrath |

Professor McGrath is a much-sought-after writer and speaker, and has debated many of the world’s leading atheists, including Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens. In this talk, he will examine some of their key arguments, and seek...

Faith Conversations: Breaking the Sound Barrier

Tim Frisby |

For many people, the hardest challenge in sharing your faith is taking that first step. In the third talk of this series, Tim Frisby will look at some simple ways to begin conversations about spiritual matters.

Faith Conversations: More than Words

David Stroud |

Jesus sent the disciples out to be his witnesses, and promised that they would receive power for their mission from the Holy Spirit. On Pentecost Sunday, David will look at how the presence of the Holy Spirit makes us distinctive,...

Faith Conversations: Digging Wells, Building Fences

David Stroud |

Why do our attempts at sharing our faith often push people further away, rather than drawing them close? In the first talk of our new series, David looks at some of the mistakes we make in talking about God, and...

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