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London is Open: Studying in the City

ChristChurch London |

With Freshers’ weeks getting underway, London is opening its doors to students from all over the world. For many people the city might be completely new, so we asked the Central Students connect group to tell us about their first...

The Benefit of Societies

Anna Thompson |

In the first few weeks of university, like any good fresher I dutifully attended the Freshers Fayre and signed up to pretty much EVERYTHING. The next few weeks were spent trying to fit it all in, and the few weeks...

Escape to the Country: The Student Weekend Away

Elise Lamsdale |

Being a student in London is weird. It’s almost as though you’re half-in, half-out of the real world, with one foot in your university halls and one foot on the central line at rush hour surrounded by world-weary commuters. It’s...

London Awaits

Andy Tuck |

I remember those last few weeks of summer holiday before heading off to university. They were weeks full of anticipation, expectation and uncertainty for all that the next three years had in store. More than anything, I just couldn’t wait...

I Survived First Year!

Anna Lyons |

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re a new student coming to university in London this year. I remember being in your shoes this time last year. And as someone who has survived first year, I’d love you give...

The Car Boot: Preparing to Come to Uni

Elise Lamsdale |

The strangest thing for me about preparing to come to university was the fact that my whole life could fit into the car boot. Well alright, not my whole life. I had to leave some important things behind: family, friends,...

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