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Moses: The Preparation of Moses - Genesis 50:22 – Exodus 2:10

David Stroud |

Under Joseph’s leadership the people of Israel had lived in Egypt like kings. Now they lived like slaves. But in the midst of pain and bloodshed, God protected one man, Moses and prepared him to lead the nation to freedom.

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: Learning to Forgive - Genesis 45

David Stroud |

Filled with emotion, Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers and offers forgiveness to them. In this talk, at our baby dedication and baptism services, David looks at the power of forgiveness, and considers how and why we should learn...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: The Transformation of Judah - Genesis 44

Liam Thatcher |

As Joseph tests his brothers, Judah pleads for mercy and offer his own life as a substitute for his brothers. This seems vastly different from the Judah we saw in chapter 37; the brother who masterminded the betrayal of Joseph. Why...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: The Transformation of Joseph - Genesis 42-43

David Stroud |

Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt in search of food and as they bow before Joseph, the dreams of his youth are fulfilled. But it is a painful rather than a joyous experience. This talk will look at the journey of...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: From Dreamer to Leader (Genesis 41:39-57)

Andy Tilsley |

Having been thrown in a pit, sold into slavery, falsely accused and imprisoned for years, Joseph now finds himself in a position of influence, as second in charge over Egypt. But in contrast to chapter 37, this time Joseph handles...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: Thin Cows and Fat Cows - Genesis 40:23-41:40

Liam Thatcher |

Years pass, and though it seems that Joseph has been forgotten, God has not forgotten him. In this chapter, Joseph is brought before the Pharaoh and reveals supernatural insights that answer the Pharaoh’s questions and help to save the nation of Egypt.

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: Keeping the Dream Alive - Genesis 39:20-40:22

Andy Tilsley |

Once again, Joseph is taken off-course. This time it is not a pit he’s thrown into but a prison cell. Yet even in this dark place, God is able to use him for good. In this talk, Andy explores how we can...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: Avoiding Compromise - Genesis 39:6-20

David Stroud |

With great power comes great responsibility, and it’s not long before Joseph is faced with a choice to make: should he stay faithful to his Master and to God, or should he give in to the temptations to come with his new...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: Favour in Egypt - Genesis 39:1-6

Andy Tilsley |

Humiliated by his brothers and sold into slavery, Joseph finds himself miles away from his home, working for Potiphar in Egypt. But God had not forgotten him. In this talk, Andy looks at how we can enjoy favour from God and from...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: From Riches to Rags - Genesis 37:12-36

David Stroud |

Joseph’s story quickly unravels, and shortly after sharing his dreams with his family, Joseph finds himself thrown in a pit by his brothers. The dreams that were previously so vivid, must suddenly have felt distant and unreachable. In this talk, David will...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: The Dreams of Youth - Genesis 37:1-11

Liam Thatcher |

Joseph was well-off, well-dressed and his Father’s clear favourite son. He had big dreams and a big mouth, and the combination got him into some serious trouble! In the first week of our new series, Liam looks at the beginning of Joseph’s...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that Changed the World

Liam Thatcher |

A new term, a new sermon series. On Sundays from September to December, we’re going to be preaching on the story of Joseph. Yes, that Joseph. The one who got a musical written about him. But in this sermon series,...

Unto us… A child is born

Rich Fishlock |

Donning my reindeer hide and caribou boots, with my husky harness in hand, I recently boarded a plane bound to Helsinki. Was I starting a journey to visit Santa? Or to discover the northern lights? Was I even wearing the...

Advent: The Son of David - Matthew 1:1-21

Andy Tilsley |

A young carpenter from a royal line hears some puzzling news about his virgin fiancée. This week Andy Tilsley looks at the story of Joseph, and how he would become the father to the promised Son of David.

Advent: A King of Justice

David Stroud |

First century Israel was a complex place, with corrupt rulers, national oppression and a seemingly-silent God. In the first week of this new series, David Stroud looks at the political and religious setting of the first Christmas and how this...

DNA: Courageous - Matthew 1:18-25

Joel Kendall |

In this, the final week of the DNA series we look at the example of Joseph and consider how to live lives characterised by courage and boldness.

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