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Wednesday: David’s Riddle

ChristChurch London |

Jesus was a master teacher. People came to him with questions designed to entrap him, and he deftly turned the questions on their heads in a way that exposed the true motives on his interlocutors. In Mark 12, Jesus has...

Theology Matters: The Gospels: Session 3 – Purpose: Matthew and Mark

Liam Thatcher |

Each of the gospels tells the story of Jesus in a particular way, for a particular purpose. In this session, Liam Thatcher and Andy Tuck look at Matthew and Mark and try to work out why they emphasise certain themes...

Teach Us To Pray: The Lord’s Prayer - Matthew 6:7-13

David Stroud |

The disciples asked Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray…” In this, the second talk of our series, we will look at Jesus’ response, and how the Lord’s Prayer serves as a great model for how to pray.

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