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Our Father…

Andy Tilsley |

Scarcely has The Lord’s Prayer had more coverage. The furore began over the weekend when certain cinema chains decided they wouldn’t show a TV ad containing the prayer for fear it would cause offence. Cue the inevitable avalanche of tweets,...

Cross Roads: Luke 10:38-11:13

Andy Tilsley |

Jesus’ disciples observe him praying and ask him to teach them how to do it. This week, Andy Tilsley looks at the Lord’s Prayer, and a parable Jesus offers to encourage his followers to pray with faith.

GOD: Is Father - Romans 8:14-17

Liam Thatcher |

We’ve seen that God is Love, but He is not simply ‘loving’ in a vague or impersonal sense. The Bible describes Him as our Father. In this talk, Liam looks at how we relate to God as Father, and what...

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