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Simplify: Simplify your Life - Luke 10:38-4

Jo Wells |

Life is busy. There are always things vying for our time and attention and many of us feel like ‘stressed and busy’ is our default state of mind. This first talk in our new series looks at Jesus’ instructions to...

The Art of Neighbouring: Who is my Neighbour? - Luke 10:29–37

Hannah Elwyn |

Having established that we are meant to love God and love our Neighbour, Jesus gets asked the inevitable question: “who is my neighbour?” In busy, twenty-first century London, we might ask the same question. Jesus responds by telling a story that challenges...

The Art of Neighbouring: Relationships that Matter - Luke 10:25-28

David Stroud |

An expert in the law came to Jesus and asked him what he had to do to get right with God. Jesus’ answer shows that God’s design for humanity has always been the same: we are designed to love God and love...

Cross Roads: Luke 10:38-11:13

Andy Tilsley |

Jesus’ disciples observe him praying and ask him to teach them how to do it. This week, Andy Tilsley looks at the Lord’s Prayer, and a parable Jesus offers to encourage his followers to pray with faith.

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