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First Love: Worship and the Emotions

Lars Due-Christensen |

Many of us assume either that worship is all about emotion, or that emotions should have no place in worship. In this talk, Lars considers how the Psalmist engaged his emotions in worship, and how we can do the same.

A Psalm a Day

Cameron Myers |

“New year, new me”. The well-worn saying is perhaps as ubiquitous as it is precarious. I’m wary of the countless times I’ve made extravagant promises to myself tied to the turn of the year, only to watch with lacklustre concern...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Peace - Psalm 23

Liam Thatcher |

Whatever our circumstances – whether in calmness or chaos – the Bible promises a peace from God that passes all natural understanding. In the final week of this series, Liam looks at the most popular of all the psalms, Psalm...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Fear - Psalm 3

Andy Tilsley |

Many of the psalms were written by King David when facing danger: fleeing armies, preparing for war, or hiding from enemies. In the penultimate week of our sermon series, Andy Tilsley looks at the theme of fear and how God...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Loss - Psalm 6

David Stroud |

Life is not always easy, and sooner or later all of us will experience loss: loss of loved ones, prized possessions, abilities, hopes and dreams. In this talk, David looks at the themes of loss and grief and considers how...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Longing - Psalm 42

David Stroud |

Psalm 42 speaks of longing for God, like a deer thirsting for water. In the fifth talk of our series, David looks at the theme of longing and considers how we can cultivate a spiritual life that is both sustainable...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Anger - Psalm 109

Tim Frisby |

There is a lot in the world worth getting angry about: injustice, pain, violence and hatred. But anger is a tough emotion to harness; it can so easily consume us. What should we make of the psalms that express anger...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Worship - Psalm 95

David Stroud |

Worship is a universal human impulse. All of us are worshippers of something or someone. In this third week of our series, David Stroud looks at Psalm 95 and considers how we can channel our desire and passion to its...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Wonder - Psalm 8

Liam Thatcher |

In an age like ours, it’s easy to right off ‘wonder’ as a primitive idea, now displaced by knowledge and science. But in the second week of our new series, Liam looks at Psalm 8 and considers why learning to...

Songs in the Key of LIfe: Two Ways to Live - Psalm 1

Andy Tilsley |

The book of Psalms opens with a Psalm that really isn’t like a Psalm at all, but an invitation to ‘choose life’. Andy Tilsley kicks off our new sermon series, Songs in the Key of Life, by looking at Psalm...

Songs in the Key of Life

David Stroud |

Welcome to 2014! I don’t know how you approach a New Year. Many people like to start out by drawing up a list of habits they want to cultivate; what they will force themselves to eat (usually green items) and...

Soul Food: Singing

Barry Catlett |

Singing matters to God, so much so that the Bible includes a whole songbook. In the final week of our Soul Food series Barry Catlett will look at the importance of worship and how learning to worship God glorifies Him...

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