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Five Books on Leadership

Andy Tilsley |

This Sunday Andy Tilsley spoke on the theme of leadership from the story of Moses and Jethro in Exodus 18. Here are his top five books on Leadership, which you may enjoy. Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels Leadership Secrets of...

The Gospels: Recommended Reading

Liam Thatcher |

This week we kicked off a series of seminars called Theology Matters: The Gospels. Each term in 2015 we will spend four weeks looking in depth at the stories of Jesus’ life, examining the major themes and unpacking some of...

The Art of Neighbouring: Recommended Resources

Liam Thatcher |

We have recently started a new sermon series, The Art of Neighbouring, which will lead us through to mid-June, in which we are considering how to be the kind of neighbours who enrich the lives of those who live and work...

InHabit: Learn – 2 Tim 3:14-4:5

Liam Thatcher |

Every day our minds are bombarded by information from countless sources. So many voices shout for our attention and try to shape our lives, and as Paul puts it, we can easily end up seeking voices that simply tell us...

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