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Put a spring in your step: student events

Andy Tuck |

The Spring Term always feels like the hinge of the academic year. It’s when the serious work is done and thoughts stretch forward towards exams and the Summer. So this term we’ve planned some student events that provide space to...

The Student Christmas Party

Esther Faulkner |

The clocks have gone back, the leaves have fallen and the evenings are getting darker, but there is a light amongst the seeming autumnal gloom. Christmas is coming! Ever since I can remember Christmas has been one of the highlights...

A recent graduate’s thoughts: Enjoy it all, even the DLR

Bex Nazar |

When I came to university I remember thinking that this was a fresh start, where I can kiss goodbye to all the mistakes of my adolescence and become the person I wanted to be. I had an idea of who...

Explore London: A Guide for new Students

Andy Tuck |

Welcome to London for the new academic year! Whether you’re arriving in London as a new student, or returning for another year of study, we want to help you make the most of it. We reckon this is the best...

London Awaits

Andy Tuck |

I remember those last few weeks of summer holiday before heading off to university. They were weeks full of anticipation, expectation and uncertainty for all that the next three years had in store. More than anything, I just couldn’t wait...

How To Avoid Stress Without Living In Denial: A Guide to Exams

Stephanie Relf |

Stress seems to be part of life. At University it reaches its peak around May/June, the loveliest months of the year, and you are stuck in the library. It’s depressing, I know. However, there is a way of approaching exams...

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