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Equipped: The Armour of God: The Sword of the Spirit - Ephesians 6:17

Lars Due-Christensen |

The sword is the only truly offensive part of the armour; the piece we use to fight. In this talk Lars considers how the word of God is a powerful weapon for the Christian life.

Equipped: The Armour of God: The Shield of Faith - Ephesians 6:16

David Stroud |

Paul tells his readers to protect themselves with the shield of faith. In this talk, David considers where we might experience attacks in our lives, and how we can defend ourselves when they come.

Equipped: The Armour of God: The Belt and the Helmet

Jo Wells |

One of the ways we can stand firm is by protecting the thoughts we allow to occupy our minds. In this talk, we consider what it means to wear the belt of the truth and the helmet of salvation.

Equipped: The Armour of God: The Whole Armour

Liam Thatcher |

Life is a battle! There are plenty of challenges that can wear us down. But in the first talk of this new series, Liam shows how God promises to give us everything we need to stand firm.

Monday: The Devil and the Details

ChristChurch London |

Right at the start of his ministry; before he’d begun preaching about the Kingdom (Matthew 4:12-17), calling people to follow him (v18-22) or healing the sick (v23-24); before news about him had spread through the nearby towns (v25); before Jesus...

Joseph: Fragile Dreams that changed the world: Avoiding Compromise - Genesis 39:6-20

David Stroud |

With great power comes great responsibility, and it’s not long before Joseph is faced with a choice to make: should he stay faithful to his Master and to God, or should he give in to the temptations to come with his new...

InHabit: Flee - 1 Tim 6:11-16; 2 Tim 2:20-26

Liam Thatcher |

There is much to celebrate about city life, but there are also plenty of challenges. It can be hard to maintain a balanced lifestyle and resist some of the more unhelpful temptations. This week Liam will look at Paul’s instructions...

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