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Stand Alone Talks: David Stroud to the Central Service

David Stroud |

ChristChurch London is one church, with one vision, meeting in four locations. In this standalone sermon, David Stroud explores how that vision plays out in our central service.

Stand Alone Talks: Standalone Talk

David Stroud |

ChristChurch London is committed to working for the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of our city. In this talk, David unpacks that vision, considering where we are going, and how we hope to get there.

Abraham: The Father of Faith: Faith for Central London

Andy Tilsley |

We love London and are working for its cultural, social and spiritual renewal. But in this talk Andy Tilsley looks at our specific vision for the Central service and the ways we hope to serve this part of the city.

Abraham: The Father of Faith: Faith to be a Blessing - Genesis 12:1-3

David Stroud |

God didn’t promise simply to bless Abraham, but to bless the entire world through him and his offspring. In this talk, David unpacks our vision to be a blessing to London: contributing to the social, cultural and renewal of the...

Love London: The Vision

ChristChurch London |

What are we passionate about at ChristChurch London? What is the plan for the next few years? And how do we want to contribute to the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of our city? This video, originally shown at Love...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday 2015

David Stroud |

ChristChurch London has just had its 11th birthday and it’s all hands on deck as we get ready to start three new services. Listen to David Stroud talk about what we can learn from the early church, and our vision for...

Creative Faithful Presence

David Stroud |

Three months ago the office across the corridor from the ChristChurch London team was empty. Now it houses Tunepics, the fastest growing social network app in the world, which is currently adding 100,000 new users a week. It’s one small...

Stand Alone Talks: Love London Sunday 2014

David Stroud |

ChristChurch London is ten years old! We celebrated our first decade with a very special Love London Sunday, which showcased many of the things we love about this city. This talk looks at Jeremiah 29 and considers the unique contribution that people...

Loving London, 10 Years in

David Stroud |

In the middle of a wonderful sabbatical break this summer, Philippa and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with our children whilst on holiday abroad. We had a special few days punctuated by meals at which we often remembered back...

Nehemiah: Nehemiah 2:1-20

Andy Tilsley |

Convinced that God has a contribution for him to make, Nehemiah makes a bold request of King Artaxerxes and leads a small group of people in an ambitious plan to rebuild the city of God. In week two of our...

Nehemiah: Nehemiah 1:1-11

David Stroud |

455 BC: The people of God are in exile, seemingly defeated. But Nehemiah refuses to give into pessimism, believing that God has called them to be a blessing to the world. In this first week of our new series, David...

Stand Alone Talks: Vision 2012

David Stroud |

A new year is a perfect time to take stock, look back at the achievements of the previous year, and look forward to all that the next year has in store. On this, our Vision Sunday, David Stroud will unpack...

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