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I’m Re-Installing Instagram

Rachel Tjahjadi |

Can giving up social media fix our relationships? Rachel Tjahjadi discusses why she gave up Instagram for a month - and why she’s glad...


We are Family

John Archer |

John Archer, one of our Welcome Team leaders, explains why making people feel at home on a Sunday is so important. We Are Family....


Hungry Hearts

Liam Thatcher |

Bruce Springsteen famously sang: ‘Everybody needs a place to rest; Everybody wants to have a home. Don't make no difference what...

Caution by Dean Streleau, used under  CC BY 2.0

Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places

Johan Eldebo |

I once had a 5 am taxi-driver to the airport who declared that if God existed I would not need to go my chosen destination, the Central...

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