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A-Level Results Day

I remember the moment I opened my A-level results. The nerves, the excitement, the expectation. The fear.

My hopes and dreams seemed to be contained within one small white paper pocket. As I slowly opened the envelope I was opening up my future.

This is a blog post for those who have found themselves in a similar position today.

If you’ve got the results you needed, and you’re heading to the university you’ve always wanted to go to, then let me be one of the many people to offer you heartfelt congratulations!

Going to university is an investment in your future. But don’t just consider it an investment in your future job prospects. It is also an investment in your hobbies, friendships and worldview. These will all be shaped through your university experience.

So when you get to uni, look for societies to join that will help you have lots of fun. Research the local area and things to do in your new home town/city to make the most of being in a different part of the country. Get prepared to meet a lot of new people and make a lot of friends as your social circles expand.

Be prepared to answer some of the really big questions of life. University will expand your horizons, so look for wonderful people to do that alongside. Research churches to attend in the place you are moving to. They can be a home away from home. If you’re moving to London let me invite you to come to ChristChurch London one Sunday! You can find out more about us before you arrive by exploring this website, or you can find our Students section here.

And if you haven’t quite got the grades you wanted, even if you’ve failed everything, this is not the end. Take inspiration from others who have failed more spectacularly than you, yet didn’t let that failure constrain them. (Google the stories of “failures” like Steve Jobs, JK Rowling and Colonel Sanders to see what I mean!). It is important that you take time to grieve the loss of a future you were looking forward to, but make sure you don’t stay in that space too long. The loss of one opportunity for your future does not mean the loss of your entire future. There is a lot of life yet to live ahead of you.

Whatever results you get today, don’t let a few letters on a bit of paper define who you are. You are an amazing mix of gifts, passions and experiences, and the best is yet to come. So go and discover all that amazing stuff God has in store for you and ask him to show you the opportunities for life, joy and peace in every situation – you won’t be disappointed!

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