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Prayer for Paris

In light of the horrific events in Paris on Friday night, we took a moment on Sunday to reflect and pray for all those affected by the terrible loss of life, for all those injured and traumatised by the terrorist attacks and for the City of Paris as it has to deal with the aftermath of these terrible events

Here is the prayer we used on Sunday, you may want to use it to fuel your own prayers this week:

Compassionate God and Father 

We are horrified at the violence in many parts of the world, that causes people and communities to feel unsafe and live in fear.

Hold back the hands that kill and maim; turn around the hearts that hate. Grant instead your strong spirit of peace – peace that passes our understanding but changes lives

We pray for all those killed or injured on Friday night. We pray specifically for their families and loved ones, that you would comfort them, console them and grant them peace and strength to come through these dark days. Somehow in the midst of despair would they find hope.  

We pray for politicians, for leaders, and all in authority to make wise decisions in the coming days; decisions that will lead to an increase in safety and security for all people and a lessening of war, bloodshed and violence. 

And we pray for Paris, a city so much like our own. Would you grant strength and courage to its citizens, unity to stand together in love and support for one another, and protection from all such further attacks.

We ask all of this in the name of the Lord Jesus, acknowledging that you are the Prince of Peace and that yours is a Kingdom with no mourning, no tears and no injustice. 


Image: Pray for Paris, by Bensun Ho, used under CC-BY-SA 2.0

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