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Selah Theatre Company

Corrine Haynes has lived in London for 5 years and graduated with a degree in Acting in 2013. She has since been working as a professional actress in London and throughout the UK on various different projects. She is now an associate artist for Selah Theatre Company and is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer with them. We caught up with her to find out a bit about the company and their latest show:

Tell us a little bit about Selah – the company and its ethos.

Selah Theatre Company is an emerging London-based theatre company who specialise in devised theatre and new writing. Theatre is Selah’s primary focus. All our shows are written and devised in-house and we aim to create content that will challenge our audience in a subtle, engaging and creative manner.

Selah also has two other strands of work; the Educational strand visits schools and colleges across the U.K and beyond with Theatre in Education (TIE) shows that target the current issues surrounding young people. Our Outreach strand offers bespoke workshops and short performances in participatory arts events or festivals.

“We gather, we plan, we think, we drink (tea- and lots of it), we laugh, we write, we edit, we edit again, we improvise, we devise, we reflect, we communicate, we re-evaluate, we rehearse, we sacrifice (time – and lots of it), we direct, we see, we change, we warm up, we perform, we reach out, we tour, we take on more, we then….do it all again.”

How long as the company been going?

Selah Theatre Company was created in spring 2013. It can be difficult for freelance working professionals to find time to create and produce shows, but in its first two years, Selah has been able to produce 5 productions. I joined the company as an associate artist in October 2014 to work on their new production, The Thomas Clifford Show. I have since been involved in Selah’s outreach work with Spring Harvest and Scripture Union.

What’s the meaning behind the name?  

Selah is an ancient Hebrew word usually translated as ‘Stop and Listen’ or ‘Pause and think’. This ethos is at the heart of everything we produce. We believe that theatre can be a powerful medium to encourage reflection and exploration. Our aim is to bring society’s predominant questions to the stage, encouraging audiences to ‘Stop and Think’.

Stop. Think. Act.

What is the Thomas Clifford Show about? What are the main themes?

The Thomas Clifford Show is Selah’s newest production; it’s a heart-warming and thought-provoking dark comedy. We follow the host, Thomas Clifford on his 5th anniversary special show; with a group of special guests, who really are larger than life. This fast-paced satire of a chat show integrates games, improvisation and audience interaction which creates a comedy that is different every night. I could tell you much more, but I don’t want to give too much away!

The play takes a wry look at celebrity culture and asks the questions: Is success all it appears to be? Who are you? Where have you come from? Where are you going? Why are you here? What’s your identity? Are you really satisfied? Is it enough? And is it all as it seems?

The play isn’t about giving answers to these questions or about making statements about what we believe and think is right, but more about giving the audience a chance to stop and think about these issues in society as well as in their own lives. It’s hopefully a play that will facilitate the chance to discuss and debate, to look out and in and, in effect, up.

Selah Theatre Company started working on this project 7 months ago, and through many hours of research, development, improvisation, refinement, editing and rehearsing, the production is in a place where we will be taking it to one of the world’s biggest theatre festivals this summer: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s the company’s premier at the festival.

How can people see the show and find out more?

Before heading to Edinburgh, you can catch the show in its London previews:

Theatre 203, Sunday July 26, 17.00

The Bread and Roses Theatre, Tues Aug 4 – Sat Aug 8, 19.30

And if you’re heading to Edinburgh, you can see the show at:

Just The Tonic, Mon Aug 10 – Sat Aug 22, 18.40

To find out more about Selah Theatre Company and our work, visit or follow us on Twitter: @selah_theatre



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