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“Award winning photojournalist Hazel Thompson spent over ten years investigating Mumbai’s sex trade and during this time she spent more than six months living in the Kamathipura district, gaining unprecedented access into one of the largest sex industries in Asia. The result is an extraordinary glimpse into the secrets of Mumbai’s red light district revealing the moving real-life stories of girls tricked, trafficked and sold into 21st century sex slavery.” 

So goes the introduction to the Taken website and it’s a pretty succinct introduction to the film and photo ebook project (available on ipads everywhere) that I have just spent three months working on as a film editor. Hazel’s photojournalism is phenomenal and the video footage I was shaping, from around 24 hours worth of raw rushes down to about 12 minutes of finished material, was equally compelling; harrowing stories of women and children trapped in the Red Light District in Mumbai and the courageous people working to help them grab hold of a better life.

It has been a real privilege to work (and work hard) on a gritty yet hopeful project that has the potential to make a genuine difference, politically, socially and economically in the lives of women and children on the other side of the planet. But the team that has worked on the ebook have really only tee’d up the ball. It’s up to everyone else to make it soar. So if you want to make a big difference in a little way, get involved, sign the petitions, buy the book and share the story.

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