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Taking the Plunge – Andria’s Story

One of our members, Andria, opens up about why she has decided to get baptised at Love London Sunday.

I was born into a Christian Orthodox family and christened when I was a baby. Religion was always part of my life but more just as a thing to do: I wasn’t personally getting involved or actively trying to seek and connect with God.

I lived all my life in Cyprus but moved to England to study when I was 18. That’s when all my fears and insecurities started developing. I was afraid of being alone. I was afraid that I wasn’t worth enough and was constantly seeking external validation. It felt like nobody could understand me and even though I was communicating and talking to people, no one was listening.

Two years ago, my life changed. I was going through a rough period with my boyfriend and my best friend Sida prayed for me and invited me to come to church with her. I accepted as I thought that no harm could come out of it: I wasn’t expecting anything good to happen either. I couldn’t have been more wrong. On my first attendance at church I felt that overwhelming feeling of acceptance. All the things that I was craving for seemed to be offered to me at ChristChurch London. Unconditional love! God just spoke to me and showed me all the things He has been keeping for me all these years: His presence, His kingdom, His glory.

I don’t think I can ever convey in words my journey with God since I invited him into my life. The past year has not been the easiest for me. I received news that I was developing cancer. Two operations in 4 months. It sounds scary but it wasn’t. There was not a single moment where I felt scared. He was with me all the time. With His help I can now say that I am no longer in danger.

I have experienced the Lord’s presence in every single area of my life. From financial (I was always in debt and now I am not), to career (despite my illness I got promoted), to personal (I now have more friends than ever that I know I can rely on and I am not afraid of being alone).

With this baptism I wanted to give thanks to God for all He has done for me and promise that this is the road that I want to follow. I repent of all my sins from before, all my indifference towards His presence, all my doubts about Him. I want to dedicate my life to Him and His glory. I want to be baptised in His name and my life to be a testimony to all the blessings that God has for His children.

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