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The Art of Neighbouring: Recommended Resources

We have recently started a new sermon series, The Art of Neighbouring, which will lead us through to mid-June, in which we are considering how to be the kind of neighbours who enrich the lives of those who live and work around us. You can find out more about what’s coming up by visiting the preaching calendar, or reading David’s article.

We will, no doubt, recommend various books as we go through the series, but if you want to go a bit deeper, here are a few resources you may want to check out:

Faith Conversations: Talking About Things that Really Matter

This is a sermon series we preached at ChristChurch last year, looking at how to effectively communicate our faith in such a way as to help people engage with spiritual questions and take a step towards God. The series looked at a range of topics and included talks from guest speakers Alister McGrath and Michael Ramsden. Check out the audio and video.

 Just Walk Across the Room – Bill Hybels

This is a down-to-earth, accessible book on how to share your faith in a way that is natural and enjoyable. Full of helpful stories and simple suggestions, this book is really practical and highly recommended.

Speaking of Jesus – Carl Medearis

Many people find speaking about faith difficult and nerve-wracking. Medearis argues that maybe we’re thinking about it all wrong. Sharing your faith is not about defending difficult theological ideas, but speaking of Jesus, and when we do that, he says, people love to listen. Check out David Stroud’s review here.

No Perfect People Allowed – John Burke

Some people love Jesus but are a little put off by his church. Let’s be honest, the church has not always been known as the most welcoming of places! This challenging book looks at how to create ‘come as you are’ communities that genuinely help people explore questions of faith.

Image by Sebastian Wiertz, used under CC


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