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The Hearts Grow EP

Niké Jemiyo is a singer-songwriter, born and raised in South-East London. We interviewed her a few months ago about her inspiration, her music and her message, and she performed at our Love London Sunday in March. Since then, she has begun planning to record her next EP, and is currently sourcing funding through GOODFRUIT.

Here Niké explains a bit about the project. If you’d like to find out more, or help her make this dream a reality, visit her page on GOODFRUIT and get involved before the deadline of 10 September.

Since I was a young girl I have always dreamed of singing my heart out on a big stage with a grand piano at my fingertips. Like too many others I was bullied in school and the music room became my sanctuary. When I was 13 my piano teacher Chris Wilson inspired me to write and perform my first song. I was really nervous but it was there on that stage that my desire to become a singer-songwriter was birthed.

However, the time came for me go to university and music became a hobby. After graduating I launched into a career as maths teacher, working in an under-privileged secondary school. It was an awesome privilege to inspire young people. I loved my job but deep down I knew that music was still in my heart. But was one thing stopping me. Fear.

I was paralysed until a friend heard me sing and demanded to know why I wasn’t a singer? He helped me see that I needed to take a risk. I knew I didn’t want to look back on my life with regrets and so I posted my first cover on Youtube and soon after quit my job! I had no idea what to expect and I’m still overwhelmed by the 20,000+ amazing supporters subscribed to my channel, the 4 million views on my videos and my recent MOBO award nomination. (Thank you guys!)

The music bizz has been a rollercoaster of amazing highs and challenging lows. I’ve had to face criticism from people very close to me who didn’t believe that I could make it. But the major battle was the one in my mind. There have been so many times I’ve felt like giving up. At times the only thing I had the strength to do was channel my pain into my music and pour out my heart on paper like I never have before. Going through that healing process has made me the stronger and more determined than ever and I now have a special collection of songs I’m ready to share with the world!

The thing is, recording, mixing, mastering, distributing and promoting my EP will cost a grand total of £5000! Which is why I need help. So I decided to put my project on GOODFRUIT as a way of getting the word out, raising some funds, and enlisting some help with things like graphic design.

My hope is to use music and relevant collaborations to help to build confidence and open opportunities to young women from disadvantaged backgrounds. While I was a teacher I became increasingly aware of the significant number of young women who have issues with low self-esteem. This came through in how they spoke about themselves and their low academic and career aspirations. So many of us young women have issues with self-confidence but I believe we can change this, which is why I’m really excited about working with The Girls’ Network – a charity who aims to open up a world of possibility to girls from the least advantaged backgrounds, empowering them to shape their futures. 

I was given the right opportunities to pursue my dreams. Now I want to help others to the same. A percentage of the profits from my EP will go towards promotion for The Girls’ Network, helping them to expand their reach and fund confidence-building workshops in schools. I’m really excited about how this project will help more young women gain the confidence they need to embrace more opportunities and shape their lives!

So if you would like to donate to get this project off the ground, please visit my GOODFRUIT page and pledge your money or skills before the deadline of September 10. There are also a load of great rewards up for grabs for everyone who gets involved; including copies of the EP, launch party tickets, a gig in your own home, an opportunity to feature in a music video, and even a personal song, written just for you.


Check out Niké’s project on GOODFRUIT and find out more about Niké at her website and YouTube channel or follow @NikeJemiyo.

You can also find out more about GOODFRUIT by reading our interview with Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas and Dee Atkins.

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