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The Power of a Whisper: Recommended Reading

One of the things that strikes me most when I read the gospels is the amazing sense of purpose with which Jesus lived. He seemed to know at any given moment where he should be focusing his energy and time. He never seemed clueless or lacking direction. When asked about his work, he said that he only did what he saw the Father doing (John 5:19-20).

Don’t you wish you could live with the same sort of focus and insight?

Well, both the Bible and history are full of stories of ordinary individuals achieving amazing things, in response to promptings from God. Seeing where He is already at work, and getting involved. These prompts are rarely loud and often subtle. Like a whisper, they are precious and easy to miss.

On Sunday we began a brand new sermon series entitled The Power of a Whisper, in which we are considering how we can identify and respond to God’s gentle whispers. We hope it will be a helpful and practical series.

If you fancy some extra reading to accompany the series, here are a couple of book recommendations you may enjoy.

Bill Hybels’ The Power of a Whisper is a great book (from which we shameless stole the name of our series!) In his typically accessible way, Hybels explains how we can experience God’s guidance in natural, down to earth and practical ways. Highly recommended!

Then there are two oldies-but-goodies. Joyce Huggett’s Listening to God and Richard Forster’s Prayer are both full of insights on how to cultivate a lifestyle of listening to God and responding to His promptings.

And if you miss any of the talks, you can catch up with all of them here.





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