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The Renewal of all Things

Is there a plan for the world? Should we care about physical things, or only spiritual things? And why should we bother working to make our city a better place, if we’re ultimately destined to leave this world behind and float off to heaven for eternity?

In my talk on Sunday, I looked at our mission, to work for the spiritual, social, and cultural renewal of our city. I mentioned a few resources, which you may find helpful in thinking through some of these questions.

Firstly, Liam and I have written a paper on The Renewal of all Things, which addresses what the Bible teaches about how we should relate to the world around us, and provides a framework for how we can understand our own contribution.

At the end of the paper you will find some suggested reading, but three books you might find particularly helpful are Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright, When the Kings Come Marching In by Richard Mouw, and Culture Making by Andy Crouch.

Image: The Globe by Mike Mertz, used under CC BY-NC 2.0

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