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Thinking Out Loud

Thinking big is second nature to the creative who’s set their goal on becoming more like their gargantuan Creator! – Let there be lights, camera, action!

I’ve had a big dream for about two decades, I’ve lived with a passion to see the book I grew up loving, the Bible, given the cinematic-state-of-the-art-epic-vfx treatment it rightly deserves. I’ve been waiting, I believe, for too long. So recently I finally ‘stepped out of the boat’ to begin walking on water; aiming to make the cinematic dreams I’ve carried for so long a reality.

Water-walking step 1: I successfully entered a 2 minute pitch for a film I’ve written called Samson & Goliath into a short film competition and have succeeded in getting through to the second round; the public voting round.

I’m excited to be in the shortlist and stand a good chance of winning the prize of £25,000 to make my short film and take it to meet with a top Hollywood producer to pitch it to him for development into a feature. I’d like to now go all the way and win this chance to begin bringing this epic dream into reality.

The Story: My title, Samson & Goliath, is a double entendre. As well as being about the connection between the world’s first superman, Samson, and the world’s most famous giant, Goliath, it is also about the ‘giant’ who actually did fell the strongest man alive; little lady Delilah.

My short extract introduces the characters of Samson, Delilah and Goliath in a way they’ve never been seen before, dramatising them in a way that promises to shake Hollywood, if given the opportunity.

Please vote for this unique tale at Enter the Pitch, by watching my video (which activates the ‘vote now’ button) and clicking ‘vote now.’ Voting ends on Monday October 26. Your support is very much appreciated.

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