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Unto us… A child is born

Donning my reindeer hide and caribou boots, with my husky harness in hand, I recently boarded a plane bound to Helsinki.

Was I starting a journey to visit Santa? Or to discover the northern lights? Was I even wearing the winter finery described above? Unfortunately the answer to all of these questions is a “no”. We had in fact been tasked by a charity in the midlands to produce a series of three Christmas videos, aiming to bring the Christmas story into a modern context, and Finland was to be the destination of choice.

Working with an outstanding production company based in the Nordics, we wanted to illustrate that the Christmas story is centred around normal everyday people; people like you and me. And thus the project began, focusing around some of the nativity story’s key players: Mary and Joseph, the shepherds (which you may have witnessed at the ChristChurch London carol service) and the magi.

The first of the three videos highlights the story of Mary and Joseph, and explores the question of purpose. Is there a purpose to my life… what was I made for? We see that Mary and Joseph in humility and obedience to God discover their true purpose, to be the parents of the Saviour.

Then we have the shepherds… normal everyday working folk who were caught up in God’s big story. Perhaps they were asking the question “is God interested in me?” This video shows that God is not some distant being, uninvolved in creation, but instead, motivated by love, He came to live amongst us.

Finally we have the magi, who could be likened to the scientists and politicians of their day. They may have been asking “is there more to life than this?” Searching for meaning and answers, they followed the evidence, which eventually led them to a baby.

So here we have three different stories and three different questions, tied together with one resounding answer: Jesus!

Check out the videos on YouTube and feel free to share them around.

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