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Content From Al Marsh

Visions of God: The Burning Bush: Al Marsh -

Al Marsh |

Moses sees a bush that is engulfed in flame, yet doesn’t seem to be burnt up. As he approaches, he finds himself meeting a holy God. Al looks at who God is and how He cares for us.

Encounters with Jesus: Mary Magdalene - John 20:1–18

Al Marsh |

Death is the enemy we all long to avoid. It brings with it such pain, loss, grief, and separation. But what if it isn’t the final word? In the final talk of this series, we look at Jesus’ encounter with...

The Heart of the Matter: Rhythms of Life -

Al Marsh |

Why do we struggle to rest well, to say no to others, or to avoid the temptation towards people pleasing? In the penultimate talk of this series Al considers the importance of cultivating healthy attitudes towards work and rest.

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