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Global Cities: Friday Session 2: Making Disciples -

Jon Tyson |

What does it mean to be a disciple in twenty-first century urban life? And how can we help people to become passionate and effective followers of Jesus? In this talk from the Global Cities Conference, Jon Tyson unpacks the discipleship strategy from...

Global Cities: Thursday Session 3: Attractional vs Incarnational Church -

Jon Tyson |

What kind of churches do we want to build? What is the difference between attractional and incarnational models of church? In this talk, Jon Tyson looks at the message, ministry and method of the gospel, and how to build churches that are...

Global Cities: Thursday Session 1: Faith and Work -

Jon Tyson |

What does the Bible say about faith and work? In this, the first talk from the Global Cities Conference, Jon Tyson unpacks a biblical theology of work and considers how we can equip people to make a difference in their workplace. Click...

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