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Selected Series.


Advent is a time of waiting and longing, as we remember the period leading up to the birth of Jesus; a climactic moment in history when God took up residency among men. This six-week series explores the Christmas story, looking at the religious, political and social context of the day and considering how the birth of Jesus brought about a new dawn for a broken world.

Advent: A Light to the Nations - Luke 2:22-38

Joel Kendall |

In the final week of our series, Joel looks at the story of Simeon and Anna and their joy at meeting the baby Jesus. We see that this child’s birth is the answer to ancient promises, and the hope for all the nations.

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Advent: Peace on Earth

Liam Thatcher |

Many details of the Christmas story are well known: no room at the inn, the child born in a stable and laid in a manger. But is it possible that we’ve become so familiar with the Christmas Card portrayal that we’ve failed to spot some of the deeper meaning? This week Liam looks at the visitation of the shepherds.

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Advent: The Son of David - Matthew 1:1-21

Andy Tilsley |

A young carpenter from a royal line hears some puzzling news about his virgin fiancée. This week Andy Tilsley looks at the story of Joseph, and how he would become the father to the promised Son of David.

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Advent: A King of Justice

David Stroud |

First century Israel was a complex place, with corrupt rulers, national oppression and a seemingly-silent God. In the first week of this new series, David Stroud looks at the political and religious setting of the first Christmas and how this world was crying out for a King of Justice.

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