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Selected Series.

Soul Food

For many people living busy lives in a hectic city, it can be a challenge to develop a healthy spiritual life. Soul Food offers a few simple practices that will nourish your soul and help you connect with God at a deeper level. Developing a spiritually healthy lifestyle needn’t be complex; it’s as easy as thinking, breathing, giving, singing and resting.

Soul Food: Singing

Barry Catlett |

Singing matters to God, so much so that the Bible includes a whole songbook. In the final week of our Soul Food series Barry Catlett will look at the importance of worship and how learning to worship God glorifies Him and does us good.

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Soul Food: Resting

Andy Tilsley |

On the seventh day, God rested. And he recommends that we do the same. This week, Andy Tilsley addresses the subject of Sabbath and considers how we can build healthy patterns of work and rest into our lives.

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Soul Food: Investing - Matthew 25

David Stroud |

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a story about a Master leaving on a journey and entrusting his servants with money. In this talk, David will look at how learning to be faithful with our skills and possessions is an important part of a healthy spiritual lifestyle.

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Soul Food: Breathing

Liam Thatcher |

Nothing is more fundamental to a healthy lifestyle than the practice of breathing! In this talk, Liam explores how this simple act, which we do unthinkingly, can help us to recognise the presence of God and cultivate thankfulness.

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