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Selected Series.


Jonah was a prophet called to be God’s voice to the city of Ninevah. In this series, we look at God’s Voice, God’s Mercy, God’s Message and God’s Heart for the city, and consider how that should shape our lives in 21st Century London.

Jonah: God’s Heart

Joel Nazar |

God saves Nineveh, and rather than being joyful about it, Jonah is bitter! In the final talk of our series Joel compares Jonah’s heart with God’s heart, and challenges us about our attitudes.

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Jonah: God’s Message

Liam Thatcher |

As Jonah emerges from the belly of the fish, God re-commissions him and sends him again to Nineveh. In this talk, Liam looks at God’s message to the city, and the message God gives us today.

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Jonah: God’s Mercy

Jacqui Frisby |

As Jonah sinks to the bottom of the ocean, God shows him unexpected mercy, in the form of a giant fish. In this talk, Jacqui looks at Jonah’s song of praise, and considers what it can teach us about the character of God.

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Jonah: God’s Voice

Jo Wells |

God called Jonah to take a surprising message to a hostile nation, and the prophet responds by running in the opposite direction! In the first talk of our new series, Jo looks at Jonah chapter 1 and considers the challenge of being called as God’s voice to the city.

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